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20 Comments on The Best Windows XP Tricks & Secrets

  1. can't see jack sht or hear anmything have youy little sisster do the presentation


  3. wow i typed dir/s but it never stop commending

  4. Those sounds at around 3:28 ARE NOT HIDDEN. C:WindowsMedia is where you'll find them. Even i could torture them to my heart's content…

  5. you took 5 min to show 3 tricks

  6. @WindowsXpHelp the 3rd trick dosent work ????

  7. where is the trick????

  8. not intresting…

  9. uhhh,
    I think it's "a lot"
    I think it's "it's"
    I think it's "don't"

  10. yes you'r right. even Windows does not Exist we wrote everythink in DOS . You know the simple rulez we had ? cd / rd / del / md / cd.. / LOL run exit e.t.c. it was funny 😀

  11. how do you get that little dot thing under your cursor??

  12. Windows XP sound… I didn't make that sound

  13. whats the sound at 3:28?

  14. lol looking for : female with e15k

  15. alot of people "doesn't" know about it? i think its "dont"

  16. LOL haha funny vid:D its not a trick:)

  17. No one who has brains or atleast knowledge of windows xp will call these crap as tricks.. Trust me.. You are making fun of yourself dude. Dont do that…

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