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Tips & Tricks to improve your Oldschool Runescape experience (EP7)

Every OSRS Tip from this series & more!
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Welcome to my Oldschool Runescape Tips and Tricks Series, where I uncover methods to improve your in-game quality of life in a short concise way.

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41 Comments on Tips & Tricks to improve your Oldschool Runescape experience (EP7)

  1. Rune mysteries isn’t required to runecraft whatsoever. Can use any altar in the game without it, only thing you need rune mysteries for is to use exp lamps on rc and to do other quests

  2. I was running my main account with 80 woodcutting and my alt with 75 woodcutting at the same time and even while boosted with dragon axe special my alt with lower level was cutting more logs over a long period of time

  3. "Informative" lmao

  4. You don't fucking need rune mysteries to train runecrafting.

    Literally just fucking make runes.

    I hate when people keep saying this

    edit sorry this comes off as really aggressive

  5. Dammit, nobody used those teleports :/

  6. Good video man. Could you please do a video on how to get 99 Slayer untrimmed. I can't seem to find any guide on that on YT. So would be great, thanx!

  7. awesome thanks i learned a thing or two <3

  8. rlly nice job men i follow u for a lot of time keep like that!

  9. – join my osrs weekly giveaways =)

  10. 3:39 Even at 2:47 at night? No way!

  11. Shantay Pass tip was in another Tips & Tricks video I think

  12. 1km = 1 billion (1 thousand million)
    not 1mm, (1 million million)

  13. Thanks for the tips brother.

  14. Hey Theo, always love your content but at 2:00 you forgot to mention Mining Guild also gives an invisible lvl +7 boost bro

  15. Best Tips & Tricks episode yet!

  16. Using notes on the bank when blast mining is pretty much routine. Most people hold large amounts of dynamite in their inventory in note form to quickly refill and proceed with mining. The ability to do so is really convenient ^_^

  17. @Theoatrix OSRS Not all tiara's give the same runecrafting exp, im doing air tiara's on my 10 f2p ironman and these give 25 exp.

  18. Nice Video – I love russia music

  19. i always find myself watching these when im hungover

  20. Thanks mate. Just got into OSRS again and your videos are helping me a lot to get back into the pace.

  21. Thanks man rly help full
    Even if I'm f2p ):

  22. Very useful information this time!! ????????

  23. What’s going on guys my name is theoatrix and today guys I’m showing you tips and tricks

  24. Basically the best tips and tricks vid I've seen yet relevant to me… NICE JOB m8!

  25. Never thought lvl 2 rc existed…

  26. The assembler one was just complete bullshit like you would not use the assembler already if u had access to it 4Head

  27. Just started playing osrs after trying out rs3 for a few months. Wasn't feeling the newer version and tried out OS. You have been my saving grace for the past 2 weeks!! Keep it up man.

  28. Mining guild provides an invisible +7 as well.

  29. You’re my favorite

  30. Keep up the amazing vids!

  31. great vid, i liked that you added the noted item feature on bank booths. I would like to mention though that that method is EXTREMELY awesome for rune crafting and it was a huge game changer for me

  32. That Ghorrock tele tab is a nice tip, cheers big man

  33. Nice video man keep up the great work!

  34. Glad you're back man!

  35. Your a hero without a cape sir, there should
    Be one made for you only. Keep up the great up to date content

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