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Top 25 Isometric Hack and Slash Action RPG games like Diablo | Part 1/3

This is PART 1 out of 3 of Top 25 Isometric Hack n’Slash action RPG games like Diablo. Many of us hoped that Blizzard will announce Diablo 4 at the Blizzcon, but instead we were fed sad news about mobile game Diablo Immortal. No need to be sad – there are plenty of good games, and some are probably better than Diablo. Try them all!


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49 Comments on Top 25 Isometric Hack and Slash Action RPG games like Diablo | Part 1/3

  1. 6:56 What doy you mean? Like playing games isnt useful? Btw, I appreciate that you put both Grim Dawn and Titan Quest to this list, as I consider both of them to be true jewels (and in fact, Titan Quest is the very first RPG game I ever played and I keep playing it even now)

  2. this was pretty funny, gonna sub for the fuck of it

  3. Diablo 4 has been announced

  4. grim dawn is the best

  5. Exanima was tense af

  6. "Git outta here and go drink your vodka, stalker!"

  7. fireboy and watergirl on hudgames is cool

  8. vse chetko, spasibo za obzorchik comrade

  9. Even after so many years random crashes still happen in PoE. used to love it but decided to get rid of it for that reason

  10. more people should try FOnline 2. just saying

  11. Path of Exile is dead. server crashes 5 to 10 min (all of them) Latency spikes.

  12. On diablo3 im paragon level 64 and got the ultimate armor

  13. Moustache on Moustache is a real life hack

  14. Dude your movie snipits are so on point. I don't know why, but I haven't seen this used in many gamer youtube videos. On point bro and very funny.

  15. i am googling time sucking

  16. ColdBeerHD: Please do not look up time-sucking. Me: types it into incognito window


  18. Bastion, does not fit on this list, at all…. And why would you even mention Exanima? you can clearly see its a scam!

  19. Here 11K hours path of exile, I Love this game !

  20. @ColdBeerHD Albion Online it's not a Hack and slash rpg game ?

  21. Hehe. I wish you had me showed on Grim Dawn. 2000 hours here. Great video, as always.

  22. Gotta say your edits are amazing 😀

  23. "Also, please do not google time sucking, becouse i did and i cannot unsee things now"

    Vodka to you my comrade!

  24. exanima still receives updates by the way.

  25. Adventures of Van Helsing are pretty good. Playing the ranged guy ofc. But 0 late game

  26. haha death baby jokes whats somthing that small and get smaller in a corner

    its a baby with a cheese rasp:D

  27. Thank you for reminding me about Nox. I used to play that game all the time. If I add my Origin time up I have 17 days in total

  28. Great video and great french translation, thanks, i've joined your channel 😉

  29. That Victor Vran character that looks like a ninja with a light saber, is that a mod? or do you have to buy the DLC's?

  30. VODKA + RPG's = <3

  31. Path of Exile is addictive, I needed to change to another equally good RPG to leave it, 2 times… Thanks Grim Dawn, Wolcen, and a return to Sacred 2 with custm mods.

  32. Also, please don't search "Time Sucking". Lol ????

  33. TFW he says 3000 hours is a lot. I'm over here sitting at like 8k+ for POE. yeesh

  34. When will they make Nox 2 or Silver 2?


  35. Love your sense of humour

  36. Haha. I love the bits and pieces of movies and TV shows between clips to add something to the narration.

    Subbed because of that!

  37. 1:40 well, truth be told, all mobile games of this genre are terribly unpolished.

  38. Thanks for making these videos ,cost me some coin but opened my eyes to some realy cool games like Wasteland 2

  39. talking about diablo clone and not mentioning TORCHLIGHT is a serious crime :/

  40. Id take remasteted Dungeon Siege and LoA.

  41. Try AGAINST ALL DEAD in google play store

  42. PoE's gateway's are piece of trash, you can never play the game without being disconnected specially when you have so much loot on the ground the game has that habit of kicking you off the server LOL!

  43. Great humor, keep it up! Subscribed. Although one nit-pick would be to enhance the bass level of your playback volume (could be a mic thing?) but that's just me.

  44. Love your humor thanks for putting this together

  45. Nox was called back then as "Diablo killer". Who would have thought that years later, the actual Diablo killer, would be… Blizzard…

  46. Nice ! Grim Dawn seems be more similar to D2.

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