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Top 5 WORST Fortnite Locations THAT NEED TO BE REMOVED!

Top 5 WORST Fortnite Locations THAT NEED TO BE REMOVED!

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36 Comments on Top 5 WORST Fortnite Locations THAT NEED TO BE REMOVED!

  1. Wailing woods is where I first landed in season 1

  2. I got giuded
    In flush

  3. I think the Viking village boat should go to loot lake

  4. Haunted is perfect what are you talking about

  5. All I want is it to be like the good old days of fortnite no comet so I can still land in the factory’s I cried so much cuz it was my favourite with dusty the dude had a future why him why him ???????? it’s bad

  6. I would name the water park watery ways

  7. In the trailer park I always go there and I found two scars,gold shotgun and a LMG not in one round

  8. My fav place on the map is tilted towers idk why

  9. The name for the water park could be precipitation park

  10. Flush Fortress like if you agry

  11. Two words: L U C K Y L A N D I N G

  12. Could we name the water park Luxury Lakes

  13. I predict that in season 6 hunted hills will turn into a castle because if you saw there was a picture of the bright bomber touching the purple cube and her reflection had a dragon on her shirt and dragons go with knights and stuff like that but I think Junk Junkion, Hunted hills , lucky landing and snobby shores and I like walling woods and lonely lodge should not go because there cool but no one goes to any of those and like they should take away all those places because no one goes to any of them so please epic take It out

  14. Leave my junky junction alone.
    Its my baby

  15. I got question of the day

  16. I Think Lucky landing is pure garbage

  17. You said tomato town not tomato temple

  18. I got the question write

  19. Got the question right


  21. The waterpark sprry

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