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13 Comments on Transform Lubuntu Linux

  1. Hi…I'm new in linux world and I use lxde too.
    I was thinking if is possible to obtain a lighter distro starting from Lubuntu.
    My question is simple:
    since openbox is contained into LXDE, if I remove LXDE then I will obtain openbox as main DE? (Even if I know that openbox is only a windows manager)

  2. Can you do it on Debian lxde

  3. Hey! Please answer to me 🙂
    I am new to Linux and all the stuff. Can I make Xubuntu (as it got these media codecs as a bonus) look as good as yours? So are your packs compactible? 🙂


  4. Please let us know about those panels …… How did you got it !?

  5. Nice. Only thing I'm still figuring out is to tweak the fontsize and titlebar padding ratio. Strangely it has lack of padding.

  6. How do you got those panels?

  7. Thanks man. I just have a question, this might be a useless one but if I do this settings can libuntu remain lightweight and etc. ?

  8. Where can I get that background in 1366×720 ?

  9. Nice vid, sources for the background images are awesome.

  10. I really like your video and desktop look and feel.

    The thing I like most about it is that you have removed the start menu from the top bar.

    I often set up a similar environment like yours but because the applications bar is hidden I forget to use it and end up using the start menu. What you did eliminates that. It is clever whether it was intentional or not 🙂

  11. I really like you customized your Lubuntu. Thnx. subscribed.

    Rather than DESCRIBING how you DID IT, If we could watch how to DO IT than it wouldve been more useful. Specially a newbie like me. Cuz To create something like you did I have re-watch every single segment every time.

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