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Tricks and Cheats in Solitaire

This video shows four cheats in solitaire, along with one tip
on how to win the game. Easy to learn instructions and demonstrations make this a must-see video before your next game of solitaire.

24 Comments on Tricks and Cheats in Solitaire

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  3. How Do You Make The Cards Fall

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  9. I thought this was League of Legends

  10. mejor es mi abuela

  11. 2 words and nothing more: debug menu

  12. On my version u clik on options n tik draw 1 insted of 3 simple

  13. what is the fun in cheating?,use your bloody brain…

  14. hey stingray u can play double solitaire with 2 people, that sounds like multiplayer

  15. CTRL+A/right-click isn't a cheat .. it's a shortcut and is documented in the help documentation (if you've ever bothered to read it)

  16. @1969Stingray427 i'll coe and play poker just let me get my 10 ft poking pole

  17. Who has patience?

    People who have a girlfriend.

  18. Lol, dont work on windows 7's verson ^_^

  19. @StephHasArrived It's times like these that I regret leaving my account logged in for my brother to use.. *sigh*

  20. @stergy14

    you're* =]

  21. bam! løste nettopp kabal på under et sekund!

  22. To those who dont understand the sudden comments. A norwegian ARG has linked to this site and has hidden a clue in the comment line.

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