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Trying Windows XP Themes on ReactOS

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Today we will be trying out some themes for Windows XP on ReactOS to see if they work!

Themes I used:

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39 Comments on Trying Windows XP Themes on ReactOS

  1. Holy fuck, Luna theme awesome

  2. Why the hell would anyone want to run an os based on an obsolete os?

  3. does it support RTX?)

  4. Did you get ReactOS to boot with dvd/cd? Please reply. By the way, love your videos.

  5. The themes shown in this video are not available online at the moment. Is there any place where I could try out these themes now? I wouldn't mind a download of the themes from someone who tried these and kept an archival copy.
    Thanks, I'd like to test them inside ReactOS!

  6. Try the theme on mac os x old PLEASE

  7. I managed to get the Windows XP Royale theme working.

  8. So it's still Windows 2000/XP without NTFS support … NTFS is pretty important as FAT file systems get corrupted pretty easily.

  9. You can install watercolor in application manager

  10. the reason the windows xp beta theme caption text looked different is because reactos doesn't have the trebuchet ms font that windows xp used

    i tried the reactos themes on windows xp and strangely they work almost perfectly
    and there's theme data for the windows xp-style start menu so maybe they have that in the works

  11. The logo is attached to explorer.exe.

  12. Should try windows 10 themes.

  13. The only issues here are the fonts which are just a pain to fix; for example if I want to use the original start menu text for the start button it gives me some awkward non-microsoft, open source alternative that works but it doesn't look the part. Anyway it looks perfectly fine apart from the fonts, and they did a great job with the theming engine.

  14. Latinus? Read – it says Lautus.

  15. ReactOS is Windows 2000 on LSD, look at the "Report", WINDOWS NT 5.2!

  16. xp theme = luna theme or classic theme. visual styles are silver, blue, or olive green but more have been released both official and 3rd party.

  17. Windows Whistler. not XP

  18. Xbox one theme + React OS = The True "Steam OS"

    #PCmasterRace #MicroNSoft.

  19. Obviously you don't need to patch the theme engine. The Windows theme engine checks for Microsoft's signature before opening the msstyle, but ReactOS's clone theme engine does not (why would it?)

  20. I tried it and it installed but video and sound drivers were an issue, i don't have the drivers for the pc i was using, hoping it will soon auto detect drivers like Linux one day, but this operating system is still a long way off.

  21. My understanding is that the patch is only required to allow non-Microsoft themes. ReactOS doesn't have the same authenticity check as Windows XP, so the patch is not needed.

  22. Try more Windows XP visual styles on ReactOS!
    I’ve tested the Royale (Media Center style) & it works perfectly

  23. Try to install ReactOS on the 5$ Gateway pc

  24. The OS is so people can run old windows programs without windows and nothing more. The time you spend playing with this is pure entertainment as you can get windows 10 free and it works great or use a Developed Linux with wine to do the same thing.

  25. I read from comment threads that they didn't have a lot of devs at the time and that this was only like a few people worked on. Today I looked on the website and it says 100+ people. Wowzer. I want to relive XP and still get updates so I don't get viruses.

  26. So why is this os so stuck on trying to replicate the windows xp layout/theme?

  27. would be interesting to see how well optimized it is compared to original OS, some benchmarks or comparising not sure what would be a good test tho..

  28. Is React OS more stable, or fast than windows? If it's not… What´s the point?

  29. I hope people are less greedy and support them a lot more soon since Microsoft WILL eventually be forcing Windows to be as locked down as macOS without all the privacy of macOS.

  30. Dear ReactOS – I dont want a new MacOS .. i want a stable, tiny and fast survival OS based on Win32-Standards

  31. The patching is required for windows just to allow unsigned themes, ReactOS probably just allows them if it doesn't need the patch.

  32. Hey nice video. I tried React but it would not connect to the internet i have no clue why. Could i get help from you since you seem to know what your doing

  33. I cannot even get React OS to install on my computers. It just won't. I think because it is still a tester OS that they never finished.

  34. I tried the download a few days ago, and the install failed – when booting up the test drive, it reported a failure in the 'hive' creation. Their website seems to say that bug was fixed some time ago, but for me, it is still there. I will give it a try again later when a newer beta is released. Also, it would only format the drive in FAT, not NTFS (I used a 100Gb SSD).

  35. Yes does look and feel much like XP, but cannot run older 8-bit program (one that you could fit the entire program on a 3.5 floppy) like I could do on XP.

  36. The start menu from xp could be reproduced using classic shell.

  37. seems ReactOS 1.0 will come soon

  38. Who else at a first glance thought it was about screensavers?

  39. Can you game on it? Like t max settings and etc

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