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Tut ✿ Transform Windows 7 To A Mac Os x ✿ In 3 Easy Steps (HD)

Hello i will show you how to make your windows 7 look and feel Like a mac Os x

——————— INSTRUCTIONS ———————

1) Download Rk Launcher ( A Dock like mac ) From :

ok now save the file in your desktop , Extract it , look for (RKLauncher.exe) Run it and install it .

2) Now Mac Theme For Windows 7 ;

Extract it And Paste…

27 Comments on Tut ✿ Transform Windows 7 To A Mac Os x ✿ In 3 Easy Steps (HD)

  1. how to put in icons in the dock??

  2. dont you need universal theme patcher?

  3. when i tried to use the thme it made my laptop look like the old windows >:(

  4. yes please Can you share it>?

  5. Can u share your first theme download link?(before mac theme)

  6. Thank u, now my win 7 looks like mac os. thank u

  7. @MrThekingofnone بتحكي عربي؟
    انا فلسطيني من الدنمرك. من وين انت؟

  8. Thanks for this! 🙂 one question, when i surf the docket is still visible. I know that it can hide automatically, but i want to see it on the deskop.How do I change that? :/

  9. can i get the link for the themes?

  10. thank you very muchhhhh

  11. @xxSk8erGirl17xx thnx dude

  12. How did u get that black thing on desktop that icon 1??

  13. so nice
    areegatoo :>

  14. what program did u use to make this video

  15. thumbs up if google chrome is the best


  17. i cant get the mac style folder thing it justs looks the same…how come???

  18. @xxSk8erGirl17xx i downloaded "smart bookmarks" but then my bookmarks icons r on top of the address bar … how can i get to be on the side .,,, just like urs ?

  19. hey i know how to organize your bookmarks and stuff for your firefox …
    how do u do that ?
    it's so pretty and clean-looking

    thx for this video =)

  20. i got it done now anyways thanks

  21. the coloured buttons never came up they just went to like windows xp one !!!

  22. wooow man working thank you so much 😀

  23. WOW this works!! and btw you can download the ideneb lite version for your windwos 7 to look like Mac os x, search it on piratebay!! 🙂

  24. Windows7 is the most useful OS i've truly ever before ran. Me and my mate dled it absolutely free at Windows7FreeDLXcom (replace X with . ) and have never had any issues!

  25. how do you make the dock go on the bottom

  26. Nice TUT…Thanks simple and clear!
    I have a question…what do you use for the big icon on the desktop…what is it? I like the big button!
    It's on the theme DESATURATED?

  27. thanks very much u are the best of best

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