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Tutorial 1/4: Transform Windows XP to Windows 7

A COMPLETE VIDEO TUTORIAL on how to TRANSFORM WINDOWS XP to WINDOWS 7 without using any customization package. I have tried my best to make this tutorial, briefly describing a way through process from A to Z on from where to download the files and how to apply them on your computer.

Check the tutorial in text in my blog:

Part 2/4:

Note: All the dead download links have been fixed dated 14/9/2015

20 Comments on Tutorial 1/4: Transform Windows XP to Windows 7

  1. Where Is The LogOn Screen Link it does not work

  2. This Is So Cool Its like i have an windows 7 but i dont

  3. my tune up already expired

  4. yar how to open tuneup styler

  5. good job cool nice one 🙂

  6. wallpaper link does not work pleaseeeeeessssssssse fix it

  7. i deleted tune up from C:PROGRAM FILES, help me…

  8. Icons link is broken fix it Plz

  9. i want icone pack !!!!!!! the link is dead :'(

  10. @GangstabetchTheMage I'd love to … but I can't… 🙁

  11. @TavalineHuman updated … click again! thanks for reminding!

  12. Plz new Boot Screen link.

  13. @shqipdonnumberone You can install xp too and then dual boot !!
    i do the same

  14. Nice tutorial but very slow !!

  15. OMG it really has EVERYTHING! Thanks man!

  16. Omg! This works, This Totally Works…. DUDE I love ya… If there would be no this video…I would never get so cool windows now…. I got windows xp… Now it looks LIKE NEWEST WINDOWS!
    Again Thanks!

  17. Boot screen link , doesnt work….

  18. Can i make it go make it go back to the original xp look ??

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