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Tutorial How to install Windows XP

This how to tutorial explains the whole installation procedure of windows xp. In case of any doubts or suggestions, use the comment system.


9 Comments on Tutorial How to install Windows XP

  1. Wait … How you can record the installation of the windows ?
    Edit: the installation seems to be much fast . Isn t it ? 
    when i was reinstalling my windows vista it taken 3 hours to install .!

  2. thank you fr yer kind..
    subbed ya..

  3. If you can see the desktop, you can remove the cd. Next time when you restart it will boot from your hard disk's windows xp installation! 🙂

  4. after all installation completed.., should i eject the cd..?
    n after i turned off the comp n start it again.. where does it boot from..?

  5. You're welcome! 🙂

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