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14 Comments on TUTORIAL How to transform Windows XP to Windows 10

  1. learn simple grammar idiot

  2. what should i do i have already a winn 10

  3. I need help.I didnt find the download please help me!

  4. Hello I have downloaded it and I do not know how I get this one folder I now have only windows 8 can you please help me I'm hot on skype Luke20171 please help me

  5. Why did you spell you wrong

  6. Yes! My Computer Is Windows 10,but…is broken…now..!
    Is notebook is windows 7 is now not broken!!!
    Windows 7 Microsoft Is downloading in 2007 or 2009.
    As Windows 7 Get (Risk Next End Of Support Only Jan , 17 2020 Year ).

  7. where is windows 10 folder

  8. link Windows 10 Folder

  9. A similar thing I did with windows vista was that I created a theme and I partially finished it

  10. Forgot copy Windows 10 folder to C:WINDOWSResourcesThemes

  11. from where we can get windows 10 folder

  12. folder windows 10 ?

  13. Awesome video! I like it

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