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[Tutorial] Install Windows XP in VMware Workstation

NOTE: This video has been re-uploaded due to amounts of typo and video glitches. I don’t usually review my videos before uploading.

How to install Windows XP in VMware Workstation.

– A 64-bit computer.
– A Windows installation disc or an .ISO file.
– VMware Workstation, VMware Player or VMware Fusion if you’re using macOS.
– An internet connection. (of course)

Any questions or comments? let me know.

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10 Comments on [Tutorial] Install Windows XP in VMware Workstation

  1. I want to run two xp so do the same or not?

  2. VMware is a 32 bit software.

  3. thanks for flytech videos

  4. Thx to you now i can install os on vmware

  5. it asks for the product key!

  6. You can use virtualbox too..

  7. Well, you are showing how to install a trial of VMWare Workstation… you could just as easily install VirtualBox (which is free without limitations and in my opinion easier to use)

  8. I have a 32-Bit operating system with a x64 based processor, Will this work for me?

  9. Can you make one with Windows 8.1? Nice video btw!

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