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[Tutorial] Star Wars IV in Windows XP Command Prompt

Watch star wars in windows command prompt. Really cool text animation. That’s right, right in your windows! =D Btw, here’s the code i promised. telnet

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10 Comments on [Tutorial] Star Wars IV in Windows XP Command Prompt

  1. Yes. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to upload this video 🙂 . This was recorded on my desktop which is very VERY old. So I had to dumb down some settings which makes it look ugly, etc.

  2. Do u Have to have Internet?

  3. bs dont watch this it dosent werk

  4. @xXOmazingXx Nice. I'll try that on my new laptop.

  5. @kennywarp LOL = laugh out loud ; )

  6. @iExD Yeah LOL ,warever it means ,Lot Of Laughts i suposse

  7. @kennywarp lol

  8. jajajajajaaj the easter egg and the video rocks!!!!

  9. @pellebibi Sorry, I don't know. I only have xp. You can look it up on youtube =D

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