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20 Comments on Tyler1 & Greek Duo Streaming Again | Destiny Reacts To XQC | T1 Ear Rape – Daily Best #2

  1. CHRISTMAS miracle!

  2. Gweek is not the same as he used to be now he never streams and ditches his viewer's and fans until he needs money then comes back for a day then ditches again for months we want old greek back

  3. I hope they duo again. League content is so fucking boring, I honestly just watch just so I can see him get tilted. The variety games and chef tyler streams were the fucking best. No other streamer did that shit.

  4. 7:56 "these motherfuckers"?

  5. Will this be our Christmas present?

  6. I don't get why they were laughing about Greek saying he wants to move to Georgia.

  7. I hope they come back for 2019. Best duo on twitch.

  8. Lmao that first clip

  9. WOODEN CHAIR 2000 Pog

  10. Whos the girl destiny is talking to at 9:42 for research purposes

  11. Tyler and greek 30k viwers , tyler streaming league 8k andy LUL

  12. is that axiun speaking at 9:12???

  13. Crazy how selfish people truly are. Tyler and Macaiyla have both said that Tyler is much happier now than he ever was when he was banned. He can stream the game he actually wants too, rather than be forced to play random shit. Yet despite that people are wishing for him to get banned again for their self benefit. Smfh

  14. My new year will be amazing if they stream together again

  15. i want the duo back again

  16. I hope LoL dies so Greek and Tyler can duo stream again PepeHands

  17. Threw in a throwback for the first clip

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