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Ultimate $420 Windows XP Gaming PC Build

for $420 we constructed using used parts the best bang for the buck PC we could, running the iconic legendary OS that is Windows XP.

Turn up your volume for the full XP experience

We barely were able to do this at this cost, but, this cost about as much as a PS4 Pro, and I had no tax on this thanks to ebay, so its about the same.

if you would like to help giraffe make more videos, throw an idea in the comments and buy some giraffe merch, it will be put towards future endeavors…

39 Comments on Ultimate $420 Windows XP Gaming PC Build

  1. giraffe has made a new merch shop if you'd like to rock some giraffe swag

  2. Windows Vista is for the Crippling Depresson Club.

  3. Press F…

    To continue Setup.

    > I think this man has a Windows XP fetish.

  4. I had that same problem with the blue screen starting to install XP on one of those optiplex’s with a C2D. I would get the BSOD everytime at the end of the when the files are loaded. Don’t remember is I was using a SSD or HDD though

  5. Doom doesn’t work on xp…

  6. The 970 you have was made to fit into store bought PC's and also very "SMALL" form factor systems. Works out great in these old Optiplex machines which I have several lying around. Been running 2 Gtx 580's SLI in mine been doing great!

  7. i have the same monitor

  8. this is fake, overwatch is not compatible on windows xp

  9. You should get GTA sa GTA v and GTA iv for your PC test if its windows 200 xp vista 7 8 or 10

  10. Windows XP on ssd
    OMG ! it is so lightning fast
    Windows 10 on m.2 ssd
    It is fast but sata ssd is good option

  11. i bought an old acer veriton 1155 system i'm currently working on a windows xp sp4 build using an i5 2400 and gtx 950 hoping to play some old windows 98 games along with some direct x 10 supported games just to see windows xp shine like it should

  12. Does this work on Fortnite?

  13. Awesome video man. Keep on making videos like this.

  14. Can i have some of your gpu’s plsss that u dont like or u dont use plssss

  15. Where did you get the drivers for GTX 970. Officially GTX 960 is the latest GPU supported by windows xp . No ?

  16. Hey DOOM 4 it's running on Microsoft Windows XP?

  17. This is the 100,000 XP driver pack. Not the 150,000 but here: Have you tried packing the older card files for that card mentioned? I put them in the program folder. So the DLL folder doesnt over write other ones. The 1800 MAY work with the previous drivers.

  18. Psychoticgiraffe – Did you want the Universal Drivers ISO?

  19. Oh remind me in the FB group. I have a right click feature. It allows you to run some vista/7 exe_ files and other features into the R-Click menu. Plus other goods and I use that on my OS with other mods-if you will. I stayed with this since (OS) installer [which has a 'zero' key] Which you have to add when WGA verifies your install. N-Lite you can customize your own XP ISO legally. I have a case of custom XP custom ISO. Some over 2gb! (Yes big for XP but doesnt bog down) Its more than a theme I assure you. Thanks for this video!

  20. I did make a Game Installer for XP. Using Vista and XP Games in the installer.

  21. Someone should make a XP Pro – Self Installing Gaming ISO (With games in the installer)

  22. Windows XP Access & Updates 2018 and Beyond! FB group. Id love to see more here!


  24. My optiplex just got an ssd, Windows XP boots stupid fast

  25. how did you manage to use the GTX 970 on Windows XP 32bit? There are no XÜ drivers for that spacific GPU on the official nVidia site.

  26. Nice windows xp music lol

  27. Install 64 bit xp otherwise the gtx 970 memory and system ram can't be addressed fully.

  28. Now you need g-sync montior

  29. Whats the song name?

    P.S For those who says "Darude Sandstorm" I WILL REPORT YOUR REPLIES

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