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Upgrade to Windows 10 for FREE in 2019

Upgrade to Windows 10 for FREE in 2019

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How to upgrade from Windows 7/8/8.1 To Windows 10 For FREE?
If you want to upgrade to Windows 10 for free in 2019, you still can, all you need is a legit Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 licence and you are good to go. You can do a fresh install of Windows 10 and use the licence key to activate or do a upgrade from windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 to Windows 10 and use the licence…

22 Comments on Upgrade to Windows 10 for FREE in 2019

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  2. i didnt understand what i choose upgrade or usp drive ?
    if i want to change my win 7 to 10 what i choose sombody reply

  3. this is really for free ? how this works i just can download that and type the key code from windows8 to activate w10 ?
    i dont need to buy w10 or keycode to activate w10 cuz the free update to w10 was ended in 2016

    i just do all like in ur video but i choose update to windows 10 and now upadates downloading its 46% from 30 minutes how much this windows installer can do this update? or this is freeze cuz i
    does smth worng ? i know my eng is very bad im sorry

    ok nvm i read on microsoft support that this update will take from 1-2 hours

  4. Thank you! I was looking all over for this, but somehow I couldn't find anything remotely close until I found your video tutorial.

  5. why should we make partition when installing as fresh windows 10 from windows 7 pro oem

  6. I have windows 7 pro.Think I can now?

  7. Can i use a application to find out my win 7 product key beacuse i have a dekstop without any stikers

  8. Worked for all of my computers! (My older ones took quite a while, but it still worked!) Thank you for posting

  9. i choose "upgrade this pc now" and it start to do its thing but it stuck on 46%, can you tell me why?

  10. it keeps crashing even when i wait 4+ hours!!

  11. I never upgraded my windows 7 bc I didn't know how to so. But will it get rid of everything? Bc I don't want my brother mad when his stuff is gone bc we share this laptop but we have our own Chromebook but that one is like for editing and others

  12. After i delete everything and install it restarts and takes me right back to the language and install options. trying to do a fresh install of windhows 10

  13. Anybody got video glitch at the beginning

  14. Thank you for posting this! I have a Acer Aspire One 722 that still has Windows 7 on it. I’m was wanting to upgrade it to 10 because I missed the free upgrade dates. I’ve seen other people post videos about downloading the update like you did via USB stick. None of them post what to do about the product key if you have an existing one from Windows 7. My sticker is still on the bottom of my laptop. I will do this as soon as I can. Thank you so much for this video it was very helpful!

  15. Thank you , Brain! You got a new subcriber!

  16. if i dont delete the drivers will it keep my imformation on there??

  17. On an old laptop, I have just done a fresh install of win 7 using the Asus 'factory reset' partition, and installed just a couple of programs such as Chrome. I'm going to try to upgrade to Win10. Is it worth doing a fresh install? Or will the upgrade path be almost as 'clean' anyway, if the Win7 install is very fresh itself? Thanks.

  18. Will you still be able to get updates from microsoft…..? Thanks

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