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19 Comments on Using Windows XP Backup

  1. Thank You So Much Kris My Report Is Done, Then Tommorow We Represent Its Thanks Very Much Kris For Your Contrbutions to our Report!!

  2. 97% wtf fuck you mocrosoft

  3. Excellent tutorial! Great voice.

  4. Thanks Kris. This helped. I am doing a full backup of my Lenovo XP because I have some virtual software and programs, plus data. This will probably run for a long time. My system is Windows XP Professional

  5. For those of you who have windows Xp home edition. If you have the original disk you need to look for and install ntbackup located in


  6. this is not possible when the O.S. is windows XP HOME it only creates the back up but you cant restore it…please further explanation on how to restore the back up when using windows home XP

  7. Will this backup programs that are already installed as well? Or just regular files and documents?

  8. This was very helpful. Thank you very much. Great explanations and an overall well thought out video. Keep it up!

  9. I try to follow your steps but when I click on start, and then accessibility I have no system backup as an icon is there a different way to do it?

  10. So i can go to the mode where it lets me select what i want to backup, amd i could select my entire c drive? (i need to put my whole hardrive on a external hdd because i need to reinstall windows)

  11. which option makes a image of windows XP so you can re-install a clean version of windows XP

  12. I deleted the backup icon from the accessories.. do you know where is the original location of the icon?? plllleeeaaassseee help me…. =(

  13. Thanks Kris, what a professional great tutorial; to the point and clear audio. This is of great value indeed. WOLF

  14. How often… that is totally up to you and your comfort level. I'd run once every 2 weeks. Regarding what to do when you fill up your G: drive… you will need to remove some of the older backups. It does NOT delete automatically.

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