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Vicious Medal Gameplay in COD WWII (30 Killstreak)

I finally got the COD WWII Vicious or Nuclear medal gameplay in Call of Duty world war 2 using the armored division the m-38 and blitzkrieg basic training ribbon!

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Class setup I used in this gameplay –

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21 Comments on Vicious Medal Gameplay in COD WWII (30 Killstreak)

  1. Everyone who smacks that LIKE button will have great luck tonight!

  2. The last dragon. Was the name of the movie

  3. People hopped up on all sorts of shit while building NYC lmao. Congrats on the vicious medal.

  4. Thunder you know damn well these kids don't know Bruce Leroy

  5. The last dragon, GREAT movie.

  6. Thunder playing on WiFi???

  7. You said u were using armored but the you’re using mountain lol

  8. They never made tdm to 100? Lmao wtf

  9. V2 rocket is earned from gun kills only..

  10. Hey 402 ,Been a big fan for a while do you have any tips on how I can get my channel known more because I’ve been working and grinding really hard at Ww2 but just don’t know what to do to get noticed.But yeh because your reading this now have a nice day bro????

  11. I thought that said foreskin II

  12. ”Im never paying for dlc again.. until they make it free” hahahha????

  13. Sorry, Thunder had to skip the intro homie. Got 0 interest in Fortnite, but still, titty smacked that like button for the rest of the video. 😉

  14. How are you not getting the fourth dlc when you pre order this game, the $100 one that came with the map packs and the cod points homie lol

  15. Woah woah woah!!!! You got a victory royal, even if the storm helped you. Does that mean you’re giving away a scuf?

  16. Anyone up for a BLOPs 4 squad?!?

  17. They took the assist count as kill from Battlefield. Nothing wrong with it tho

  18. Bruce Leroy catches bullets with his teeth????????????

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