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8 Comments on Vista Transformation Pack 6.0 #

  1. @geran1991 You have Windows7 now anyway, so you don't need the transformation pack anymore do you.

  2. let me just put it this way i have the latest vista trans pack and it dose look exacly like vista cos they updated it so the start bar has the seach thing and all the icons are the sam an did know halfheart because my dad got vista ultimate when it came out (got to say though dose it really anoyy you after a while every time you want to go onto a settin it asks your permission it really bugged me )

  3. We had to Re-install since I videoed this so it's irrelivent now

  4. Well it doesn't look like XP anymore I can essure youof that (sorry if I seem unpolite)

  5. it hardly look like vista all the icons r the same as xp wen u can download a transformation pak which changes them all.
    i no i had it until i upgraded 2 ultimate(vista)

  6. Yeah its the Vista Tranformation Pack turns everything 'Vistary'

  7. The nice XP theme ever. Your XP looks like Vista

  8. Just goes to show you how the world has devolped

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