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Weird Windows XP Notepad Trick

Go to windows xp notepad and type bush hid the facts in size 10 then save it as whatever you like, reopen it and see for yourselves:)

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  1. 畂桳栠摩琠敨映捡獴 I think it's just an easter egg, like if the text is 'bush hid the facts', notepad automatically replaces it by some chinese characters just randomly chosen in the character map. But the size doesn't have to be 10 to get this. Also with 72 it work with me.

  2. size ten? It doesn't matter the size

  3. Cokc stole the pussy = 潣正猠潴敬琠敨瀠獵祳 =
    Min Tian Zhengceonzhujing Touyinglieshen

  4. 畂桳栠摩琠敨映捡 = Liubenrenmo Tiantouyingjian

  5. ooohaaa des geht ja…
    ooohaaa this works!

  6. it trasnslates into 4 recongnisable words
    □□□touches □□reflects picks □
    Bi / Touches / Reflects / picks

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