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window xp install in i3

Install Windows XP on Intel i3, i5 processors
The most common problem occurs while installing Microsoft’s Windows XP on Intel i3, i5 systems is of memory dump error or it my be called as blue screen error.

To solve the issue you just need to configure form your BIOS setup wizard.

You will need move your selection of chipset from AHCI (Advance Host Controller Interface) to SATA (Serial Advance Technology Attachment), as Windows XP do not supports the AHCT feature.


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  1. I don't have an IDE option. In replacement to that, is RAID, which has the same blue screen issue.

  2. wow thank u soooooo much sir realy am soooo happy thanks

  3. brother I have no option in my i5 Compaq laptop .so sugeest me what I do?

  4. hello my motherboard can setting plz reply;;thanks,,

  5. than u very much dude u awesome…..

  6. Thank you for showing this, it was very helpful!

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