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Windows 10 hacked in 59 seconds!

When you lock your computer you assume it’s secure. In this video Stickley shows how physical access for less than a minute is all it takes for criminals to install malware on any Windows system! While this demo is on Windows 10, older version of Windows are also at risk.

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  1. Is you hat black ????

  2. This video is just completely retarded. There's no backing here, it's simple booting off external media and making a modification as a local admin. It's like the standard way of resetting a forgotten Windows password. There are just SO many ways to stop this from happening, it's unreal. And loads of stuff mentioned here that's just wrong. Let's look at the ways this technique can be defeated:

    1) If you have a BIOS password.
    2) If your computer enforces UEFI/Secure Boot.
    3) If your computer uses bitlocker properly.
    4) If your computer uses boot time hard drive encryption.
    5) If your computer is part of a domain and uses application protection policies.

    And these are just a few of the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

  3. NETUSER.BAT or for fun autoexec.bat with deltree.

  4. If someone has physical access to the pc he can do anything

  5. So, now goes this on phone (solution for a situation you will probably be in) I
    So you wanna get in your phone but there is Gmail verification so you cant get in it you do this: go start and get access ti keyboard and write something like hsaksvj hold it click three dots like" :"but has 3 dots and go to assist now you entered google, if there is no assist than go to share than with gmail but hold gmail app than eneble top thing and you are nos in settings go to apps go yo "google app" not google chrom now you entered google again, now you write chro… And vlick chrome app down now you entered google chrom and write " quickshortcutmaker " click the first link and download, than you download file, you go back to search and download " google acciunt manager" and download that too, now back to google not chrome and write downloads and first download google account mannager and than quickshortcutmaker and than open app, ( when manager is finished just click done and when quickshortcutmaker is finished click open) now you are in app, in search of app write google and scroll down to google account manager and few more of them will appear and than click 5th from bottom click try and write your gmail and password than restart the phone and sign on with that gmail and password you just wrote in and than its DONE.
    ( If doesn't work reply)

  6. I would do it this way: Get computer, enter bios, reset computer on fabrication settings, done

  7. This isnt new or limited to Windows 10. Bitlock (or use a different full druve encryption) and lock the Bios. On some hardware you can restrict what external devices can be attached.

  8. Is that really hacking? It's literally intended, you are supposed to be able to access the system from flash. You could need this for plethora of reasons. It's like saying you are hacking the network card while you literally change the gateway IP…

  9. use full disk encryption! to protect critical data

  10. Yet the video is 4:50 minutes long..

  11. NSA need ur location…

  12. Here's a solution, most bioses have a password protection so people cant jst change the boot order, bam done now u can't use it usb and ur method is usless

  13. Do it without a reboot, then it's getting more interesting… This way the user will notice something unapproved happened in between.

  14. This is why I’m switching back to Mac

  15. Did this a year ago without any malware or a flash drive… You just need to restart in safe mode open the cmd and change the ease of access with the password change. This way you can acces the password changr whem not logged in. Boot up your pc and press easr of access and change password would show up. Change the password, type it in and you just broke into windows! Yay

  16. I just know basic programming.. but I'm curious about the codes in your malware..

  17. Yesterday my window 10 started popping screen "Project" again n again. I was scared to death its been hacked lol

  18. That s why you should set a bios password…

  19. I use kali ISO for it.

  20. I shutdown my computer mf

  21. My pc is also not safe from hammers

  22. doesn't work, the cmd prompt isn't in administrator mode so any file you copy to the startup folder with it will be blank

  23. Why is this on my reccomended in 2019

  24. Actually this is NOT a security flaw in Windows. It is a security flaw in the way the laptop was set up.

    On a properly set up laptop, you shouldn't be able to access the BIOS, boot from any external device or use Windows repair to perform the same trick (trick that, by the way, exists in various versions since Windows XP).

    And if security is really important, the internal hard drive would be encrypted.

  25. And that's why you use Linux!

  26. Fedora tip m'lady

  27. I just watched Unknown User 2 like 10 minutes ago and this video shows up in my video suggestions ._____.

  28. Apple is secure you need a dongle 🙂

  29. In Enterprise they usually give you a laptop. Which is configured by company. AND there BIOS is locked, hard drive is encrypted.
    Regarding personal computer….. well you must manage those settings your self. 🙁

    BTW, Mac OSX has similar issues. If you hold ‘cmd + S ‘ while it’s booting you will login to “single user mode” basically it’s a command line interface, and you have admin rights there, so you can do anything.

  30. Not a hacker but a trickster

  31. Or you just put konboot on usb and skip the log in screen.

  32. How has this video not been taken down. This just shows people how to illegally steal files.

  33. But what if I encrypt my drive?

  34. What a tool hahaha! Hacking my …king arse

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