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Windows 10 on Any Android Phone – Best Trick 2018

Run Windows 10/8/7/XP on Any Android Phone- NO ROOT 2018 BEST Trick how to Run windows or install windows 10 Layout on any samsung pixel redmi oneplus or any android phone 2018

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20 Comments on Windows 10 on Any Android Phone – Best Trick 2018

  1. present link expired me with this.thanks in advance bro.

  2. Lame and bullshit ! I want to install windows 10 this is just a cheap trick.

  3. Windows but mobile, can you add it to title ?

  4. But can it play crysis????????

  5. I have been frantically trying to install Windows XP on my Lenovo Tablet Model No Lenovo TB3-850M Android Version 6.0 CPU Quad -core 1.0 GHz, 2.00 GB RAM, Storage 16.0 GB + SD card of 32 GB. Several attempts did not give me success despite following the video meticulously. Can someone please help me? K Jagadish, Bangalore.

  6. Is everyone in the comments that blinded about the petty intro animation that they ignore the fact that this isnt Windows 10?

  7. that's not windows 10

  8. Fuck your misleading title, fuck your shitty accent, fuck your video, fuck your links and fuck you fuck you fuck you and fuck you to hell!!!!!!

  9. Error 404 while downloading kwlp windows 10 file

  10. Link doesn't work for the file needed

  11. That's it no games….

  12. Please share the file again as its showing it has been deleted. Or please provide other link for same to download windows 10 file for android

  13. Don't like window 10

  14. hey man, just tried to do this but the link to the windows 10 klwp file doesnt work for me, i just get error 404 URL not available.

  15. I'm really appreciate to see that! !Bro you're the best ! Keep it up !!

  16. The file is not there

  17. You know that's not Windows 10 right…?

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