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Windows 10 Tips: How To Enable The Windows Startup Sound

Miss the Startup Sounds from older Windows versions? Turn that frown upside down! Here’s how to enable it on Windows 10!

36 Comments on Windows 10 Tips: How To Enable The Windows Startup Sound

  1. I love windows 98, 7 and 10 startup sound.

  2. 1:34 i thpught your pc broken

  3. I also changed the rest of the sounds into windows 7 sounds

  4. The best startup sound is still the Windows NT 5.0 one with its epic THX-like start. And thanks for the tip, my desktop PC was doing it by default because it's a Windows 7 machine that got updated to Windows 10, but my tablet PC isn't doing it so I'm going to enable it right now !

  5. 1:11 ah that nice start menu. What makes it great is a lot of the tiles and the weather box.

  6. The startup sound can only be heard when you restart your PC. This is because of having the Fast Boot enabled in the Power Options from the Windows Control Panel.

    However, in Windows 10 May 2019 Update (version 1903), you will now hear the startup sound regardless of the Fast Boot option.

  7. You forget a step. Go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options > Choose what the power button do > Change settings that are currently unavailable, uncheck "Turn on fast startup" and click OK (otherwise the startup sound will only work on restarting)

  8. For me, it didn't work.

  9. I miss windows 7 for the start up sound

  10. this only works on restart not on boot when you turn on your machine

  11. enables startup sound
    turns off laptop
    turns laptop back on
    the startup sound proceeds to sound like a nuclear warning siren at 25% volume
    everybody in the room proceeds to look at me
    Me: Oh hey that's pretty loud

  12. My speaker is in full volume no sound came to my ears

  13. I gonna Check my Eyes … I Looking the setting and reading more more , and I don't seen this Down the Box , Lols
    make me look so stupid ..

  14. Guys i have a big tip to prevent this problam if you dont like the windows 7 startup sound on windows 10 just basically install this program from the link this link then install it and then it will gana ask you to have the wav file if it dossent ask you and if you have mp3 file windows sound changer will not let you do that you will gana need wav file so how to do that is go to this link then paste any youtube video sound if you dont have that already just find a video copy the link then paste it to the converter AND VOLA congrats your problam is solved thank me later

  15. This sound was from windows vista since 2007

  16. ahhhhhhhhhhhh Nov 2018 ….I was able to make it work thank you.

  17. i have the windows 7

  18. Why doesn't work in my lap

  19. it only works when you restart it

  20. In Windows 10 you have to disable fast startup. Hence go to the Control Panel then click Hardware and Sound then click Power Options then on the left click Choose what the power buttons do then click Change settings that are currently unavailable. Under Shutdown settings uncheck Turn on fast startup (recommended). Close the dialog box or window. Shut down your computer and then start it again and see if this works for you. I don't know why nobody mentions this in there how to videos on How To Enable The Windows Startup Sound.

  21. The file you're searching for is windows logon

  22. Thanks for the tip, too easy, I should've known. lol

  23. Is that MacBook? But the OS is Windows 10…

  24. Now I can have the most majestic windows startup sound. Longhorn

  25. am try it but it can not work it when my computer startup and shurtdown
    now what can i do please help me


  27. But sir when i put my pc fully off then again start it after couple of hours then why the start up sound is not happening?

  28. I restarted my PC and it won’t do the start up sound

  29. startup from: windows 7/vista/8/8.1

  30. it only works when I restart. doesn't work when I shut down and boot it up again

  31. Yeah. It is same as Windows 7 Startup Sound.

    It's simple and easy!

  32. Ok ok hang on there windows on a Mac

  33. This is not the startup sound BRUH

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