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Windows 7: How to force a REAL blue screen of death error (not a fake picture)

Click show more! and PLEASE READ the Description! Also has info if this doesn’t work for you! Please keep annotations enabled in the video. I know it could be a little annoying but it gives good instructions. I’ll try to do better video editing in future YouTube Videos.

(Note: This may no longer work without process hacker 2. Credit goes to the creators of process hacker 2! Google it and download it. Download link below. Be sure to run it as an admin. It is like a more advanced task…

18 Comments on Windows 7: How to force a REAL blue screen of death error (not a fake picture)

  1. csrss is what you nned

  2. can u make spring trap gets the bsod and freaks out?

  3. They patched it :(

  4. Yes, give us an mothed is updates my blue screen won't get sloved if you could help me please

  5. The title should have been :Windows 7: How to force a Nope Screen

  6. My god, people get blue screens over TF2!? I guess people just need a lot of ram?

  7. The problem with windows in general is that you get a BSOD when you don't want one.

  8. So you can crash your computer. In UNIX/Linux you type the command "kill -9 -1" I'm sure there must be a command line you can type on the windows powershell?

  9. Was playing TF2 then I got this lol

  10. Looks like this method is getting outdated. I might make a new youtube video with a new working method soon! I plan to do it on Windows 10!

  11. cant do it on windows 10

  12. Mine happened when a picture landed hard on my laptop XD

  13. How did you get it to crash I tried and it said cannot terminate process

  14. This happens to me but for no reason and it lets me hit the windows but and move around it with the arrow keys PLEASE HELP i don't know how to fix it because it doesn't tell me any info whats wrong with my pc it also doesn't have the info at the very bottom ethier

  15. My mom is gonna kill me 

  16. best way to blue screen: minecraft a world of TNT and blow it up maybe just out of chunks maybe blue screen have fun!

  17. soo. it shows me 2 csrss.exe, witch one do i choose ? the first one or the second one ?

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