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Windows 7 How To: Login Without a Password

Computertv host Bauer shows you some helpful tips on Windows’ latest operating system. In this how to, Bauer shows you how to add or remove the windows password for logging in your system. Tired of always seeing the username and password screen everytime you turn your PC on? You probably were forced to set one up during installation or setting up a newly purchased PC. Well fear not, Bauer shows you how to get rid of it and log in quickly to windows 7.

31 Comments on Windows 7 How To: Login Without a Password

  1. If you already don't know the password to login in the first place, this is pretty much worth jackshit.

    Now what you ACTUALLY need to do is restart your computer and tap several times F8 to bring up a startup option menu, then you wanna select safe mode with command prompt. Once windows has loaded up, type in the command prompt "net user" to show all the users in the pc, now type net user Your username here hit enter and BOOOM, account unlocked with no password anymore.

  2. You still need the password to log in intially…. Title should say how to auto logon on windows 7

  3. Let me see some Alien news the real ones

  4. When you re-enable it does it have the same password it originally did or do you have to reset it?

  5. 🙂 doesnt work idiot

  6. Your a piece of shit

  7. Thank you sir-explained very simple way

  8. ok this clearly doesnt work, next video!!

  9. can you do it on windows 8.1

  10. I forgot my password. but I can't getting like you while installing o.s. which you are showing in this video

  11. I forgot my password. but I can't getting like you while installing o.s. which you are showing in this video

  12. never use this fucking trick

  13. the most dog shit vid on youtube

  14. If you crack the login screen, you can use this to login with other's users
    in school XDD

  15. He is already Log on, BUT WE NEED TO LOGIN FIRST! fuck that video

  16. WTF ..whate…the..fuck..

  17. this would be good if I could actually log In to my account

  18. All the people in the comment section is stupid!

  19. I forgot my password and can't get in my computer over a year PLEASE HELP! Windows 7

  20. To get the "Run" dialog in Windows 10 you have to do a (Windows logo key)+R, but otherwise works as in Windows 7.

  21. all this is coll

  22. Thank you very much, I am one of the people that does like to login every time I using my computer.



  25. This thing wasted my 2 minutes of time -__-

  26. Word dumb video….how can I do all that shit he just said if I cant even logg in my account cuz im stuck out here trying 2 remember my pass….snfh ur video really helps….mass thumbsdown effing queer

  27. I wasted my time watching this. What bullshit! Is this about a forgotten password or simply removing a password from the computer? You would never be able to open a computer if you had forgot a password anyway, unless some special software can be used to bypass a password. Otherwise it's just cheap talk. And the instructions on the screen was unreadable.

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