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Windows 7 transformation Pack 3 for XP

This is a video what the windows 7 transformation pack has included in the 3rd version

download link:

20 Comments on Windows 7 transformation Pack 3 for XP

  1. in this video u have manhunt this si awesome game i habe it too

  2. @dacke96 you can zoom in camstudio 7

  3. nice beat under the video
    I wanna rap for it..
    pls contact me
    peace from Hungary

  4. my ram is 4GB grphic card voodoo

  5. how can i make th icons smaller??

  6. @genciT5 your pc is slow . my pc run this . quad core 3.5 ghz ,ram:3 GB . Video card: 1GB

  7. @dacke96 zoom and pan use that

  8. how I can zoom in CamStudio?? (like he zoomed the clock) ?? pls someone answer me?? thnx 😀

  9. I learned my lesson, Transformations packs slow your computer down big time I ran a time lapse on the Vista and seven and I originally ran Xp, the original did 100% better and ran faster than the transformation packs dont download it, you will have a hard time uninstalling it, If you have it and want to uninstall it you have to run your computer in safe mode.

  10. hey can my CPU run this ? : Intel Pentium D CPU 3.00 GHZ – Speed : 2.99 GHZ – rated 3.5 GHZ
    Ram : 2.0 GB

  11. @ramboxx9455 yeH sorry 😛

  12. my invented transformation wont slow down your pc..chek my video.

  13. your missing something, google flawless02 cad 2009 edition

    That right there will make it look more real

  14. recording takes alot up, but now, my comp is windows 7 and it doesnt have as much shit on that 🙂

  15. omfg your cpu runs 50% the have fuck your pc!!!

  16. you dont have to uninstall it but you can if you wish 😀

  17. I used windows vista transformation pack., if i install the windows transformation 7 transformation pack, should i need to uninstall the windows vista transformation pack?

  18. muy bueno el video oe men un favor sera qe me haces un tuto de como desintalarlo xfa

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