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Windows 7 Transformation Pack 4.0

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(This Works With Windows XP And Windows Vista)
In this video I talk about the Windows 7 Transformation Pack 4.0.

(This is just a simple update of my other Windows 7 Transformation Pack video (2.0)

(This pack also have the windows 7 sounds, startup, shutdown and so on)

Download the Windows 7 Transformation Pack 4.0 here:

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20 Comments on Windows 7 Transformation Pack 4.0

  1. You play wolfteam add me 😀

  2. i have a problem i install it and its ok but when i open google google icon dont show in the taskbar now i unintall it

  3. Good!
    I am going to kill Windows Xp!!

  4. Those things sucks….. Original Windows 7 FTW!

  5. man you know if exixst soe app to add to the start of win xp the search bar?imean like in win 7 or vista…

  6. will this make your computer slow

  7. it works thanks man 🙂

  8. Does this work with windows 7?? lol just kidding

  9. Its better to install the original windows 7 than using using this.

  10. if you want a health pc DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS

  11. hey man. it worked well till yesterday but today icons text lose their transparency ..And "Use drop shadows for icons label on desktop' is marked ..solution please

  12. All this does is changes some system files (such as explorer.exe shell32.dll etc.) , installs a theme and installs some programs makes your pc look like Windows 7.

  13. Use Uxtheme patcher to patch your uxtheme.dll It will allow you to use 3rd party windows xp themes.

  14. when i install 7 tranformation pack . taskbar and start menu etc changes into win xp classic . any solution

  15. did this work for win 7 because my theme stuck to a windows classic and doesn't return to a basic ??

  16. the start menu looks nothing like windows 7

  17. why would you… nevermind

  18. How did u pin that to your taskbar!

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