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Windows 7 transformation pack vienna

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in case you didnt see here is
the link

20 Comments on Windows 7 transformation pack vienna

  1. it sucks it wont work

  2. 0:27 "Flashing" You dirty boy 😉

  3. windows 7?more like vista

  4. this transformation pack is lame windows live x transformation pack is better!!

  5. what kind of computer u got?specs?

  6. not unless you get tweeks , yes make sure u know how to properly unistall it

  7. yeah true but when you uninstall the vista/7 icons are still showing so you should always get a copy of shell32.dll from your windows/system32 folder.

  8. after install this my pc will be slow?? is easy to unistall???

  9. well unless ur running pentinum 3 or lower with less than 512 ram….

    but windows 7 is verRRY compatible….

    thing is im not too sure.. but if you can run these effects im pretty sure you can run windows 7

  10. this is for people who's computer cant support windows 7

  11. why dont you just download Windows 7?

  12. tell me ur system info.

  13. the one i choose in the video

  14. what one u using because its cool.

  15. u got this from me lol..

  16. Nice vid.Keep going the great work

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