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Windows 7’s Hard Drive Status for Windows XP & Vista

In this tutorial I will show you guys how to get the

Windows 7 Drive Status for Windows XP
(Actually “Vista Drive Status” idk why it’s named different)

Easy and simple without harming your computer at all.

(Mean’t for Windows XP Only)

Link to get the Patch/Program

This is the review of it

The link to download…

19 Comments on Windows 7’s Hard Drive Status for Windows XP & Vista

  1. its not the windows 7 drive status… 😉

  2. 'How to download videos in HD on youtube'
    How to remove the black bars in Camtasia Studio 6

  3. lol kk which 1s are they?

  4. I will make a tutorial :). But before I make a tutorial. Rate my two newest videos 5 star. :=D

  5. i kno but mine never work in my videos will u make a tutorial?

  6. It's not even hard dude lol. Just go to videocopilot(dot)net and learn from him. Or you get Adobe after Effects and download the project from Andrew Kramer. And that's about it. lol

  7. can u make me an intro? and i didnt think you was online

  8. What you mean? lol

  9. can you make me a intro like you have in your videos plz

  10. rofl!!! and wow ur actually online lol

  11. I got an idea. Hurt yourself and make it funny xDD

  12. i had a comedian accout but its really hard to think of original ideas

  13. LOL I know…. It's hard to do like those kind of videos and my own too. IF your a comedian you get more views lol. Like Fred and Nigahiga. Does YouTube accept partnership WorldWide?

  14. i know i been on for about 1 1/2 months i never really got big yet i have already created everything for partnership lol i dont think i will get it

  15. Btw. You have a lot of videos and a lot of channel views but only a few subscribers LOL. Keep making videos on various tricks and more buddy. 🙂

  16. Yeah sometimes I seem to talk a lot. I talk faster in my videos now LOL. But sometimes I talk slower cause some poeple don't know much about computers. I do it step by step. And this is an old video xD

  17. wow 5 mins for something so small but still cool 5*

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