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Windows 8.1 Tips – Vastly Improved Mail App

Under Windows 8, the Mail application was barely usable. It either lacked basic functionality or it was difficult to use, requiring unecessary right-clicks to access other functions.

The good news about Windows 8.1 is that Mail now has more functions and they are already visible and most importantly, drag-and-drop emails to folders has been implemented (a feature that should have always been there).

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3 Comments on Windows 8.1 Tips – Vastly Improved Mail App

  1. How do I sort my Windows Live mail in Windows 8.1,  I am used to using Outlook and Windows Mail in Windows 7, but now I want to sort by sender to lump all mail by the same sender, then resort back to date in ascending or descending order.  Help.

  2. Thanks for this info.

    If I already have folders in gmail (desktop) , can I see them in the mail client? For example, gmail has a"primary" folder which I can't see in windows mail… Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the great info on the NEW Windows Live Mail app. Do you know if the emails are saved somewhere on the hard drive? I want to archive them just in case. If not, how can I save them to a folder(s) on my hard drive?

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