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Windows 8 Transformation Pack

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This Windows 8 Transformation Pack is for XP, Vista and 7.

I talk about the pack, show a quick fix for a small bug, as well as showing how easy it is to uninstall the pack.


20 Comments on Windows 8 Transformation Pack

  1. wey no te entiendo nadaaaaaaaaaaa soi de Mexico XD

  2. i installed this, but the windows 8 taskbar doesn't work, there isn't any store, and the windows 8 screen is not modifiable, i can't change colour, background, move or erase icons.

  3. You should download 
    Killer Taskbar
    To make it windows 8 realistic!

  4. the store shows me an error
    pls help solve it

  5. why did microsft do this 🙁

  6. No it is not you fucking dumb shit. Did you even click on the god danm link? Go suck a dick you vaginal bitch. 😛

  7. Windows 7 Transformation pack is really difficult to get a link on now-a-days, as all the content creators got focused on Windows 8 transformation packs.

  8. A bit late I know, but I updated the link. Haven't used this channel in awhile now, but making a come back soon. Thanks for helping everyone who needed the link. 🙂

  9. no softronic and its downloader sucks dick!

  10. point your cursor to lower left side or lower right side of computer.. Lower left is METRO UI ,lower right is search start and configure button with clock.


  12. innit do you live in america

  13. It was easy to buy Windows8 for £25

  14. is this on other users on the computer

  15. Never mind i actually changed something

  16. Do you know how to make it feel like windows 7. I mean like when I move a window, it moves like old windows. Is there a way to make it look fancier?

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