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Windows Movie Maker Tutorial for XP

Easy Basic (Step-by-Step) Tutorial for Windows XP’s Windows Movie Maker

Windows XP Professional (SP3)
Windows Movie Maker (Service Pack 2) Update
VirtualBox: (1GB Virtual Memory)

30 Comments on Windows Movie Maker Tutorial for XP

  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOUNDSCAPE SYTEM 009!!! YEAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Where is it located? I can't find it to open it.

  3. why in the world did you have this loud music playing? why aren't you talking? it's a damn tutorial. sheesh dude and that song is awful and overplayed.

  4. May i ask which version is this?

  5. Oh this early YouTube's cancer music :@@@@@@@

  6. i cant do moving music videos for songs windows movie maker for xp is the shittsest movie maker ever

  7. when i click import it doesn't show me my video… i'm so sad for that and i don't know what to do…please reply :'(

  8. when i click import it doesn't show me my videos

  9. Windows movie maker 2012 ( win vista/7 and 8)  sucks balls!!!! this 1 was way beter.

  10. How can i speedup if i recorder a speedpaint how can i speed up the vidio?

  11. where can i find this copy of the movie maker

    i like it for windows xp

    i hate the copy of windows 7 too dame slow 

    if i can find the copy for windows xp of the movie maker


  12. download link? 😀

  13. Uhmm .. How to convert them to wmv. mpg. or .avi? sorry I relly Don't know because I'm too young

  14. Thank you very much 😀

  15. I have the same problem as Dyana Dy when I try to save my project it says error and it does play normally in the Windows Media Player. What should I do?


  17. I'll appreciate if you do that:)

  18. what can i do if windows movie maker doesn't support 3 gp?

  19. Please I have a problem please answer me.
    When I save, it sais : windows media player has got an error or something like that.So I can't save videos.What should I do?>>>>

  20. How i can put in my video a bigger text?

  21. But how do import videos downloaded grom youtube?

  22. aheeemmm where 's the link.!! guy..

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