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20 Comments on windows vista / xp stuck on welcome screen fix

  1. finially something that worked! thank you so much!

  2. Old old old old purple place times…

  3. thanks man ur amazing

  4. Dude ur fucking amazing

  5. Vista is just being a jackass

  6. i fucking hate my pc its like playing on my nerves! i tryes every tutorial and it was still stuck , then im like : lets juat try normally… who knows what happens… AND boom it loaded… im so pissed off

  7. What keys are you typing delete and ?

  8. Mine didn't work

  9. why it not working

  10. it's working thanks for your great tutorial ????☺

  11. good fix! worked for me

  12. LEGEND!!! Fixed me up good thx!

  13. turn of the pc unplug it, open the pc take out the cmos round battery on the mother board then put it back in and walla resets the computer should start properlly next time

  14. can someone address the same problem for a windows 7?

  15. can someone address the same problem for a windows 7?

  16. OMG!!!…..THANK YOU!!!…you have no ideal how many damn videos that I had to watching just to get to yours!!!

  17. today date is 10/05/2017, i was facing the same issue in my windows 7 ultimate, and this trick actually works for me thnx admin….

  18. My laptop gets stuck at the login screen. I can't press any buttons or move the touchpad, it doesn't respond. I am a music producer and all of my beats are on this computer. Does anyone know a way I can restore the laptop and also retain my memory later down the line?

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