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20 Comments on Windows XP Backdoor Tricks – Part 1

  1. dirty little mac spak

  2. U need a administrator password for this to work

  3. it says access is denied error 5, when i try net user

  4. yeah its works 😉

  5. Ropt ngoj nja ka nja ti qifsha :p

  6. I actually have not tested that yet. Wouldn't surprise me if it did.

  7. Does this work for Win 7?

  8. Yes, its either XP SP2 or XP SP3.

  9. Hi haxor. Are you using XP SP2 in the video?

  10. oh something happend, its windows. haha

  11. Its Mac OS X Lion. Windows XP is running from VMware Fusion. Check the top left hand corner, it tells you what programs I am running.

  12. Nope. Regular Mac dock.

  13. No. Just copy iso to flash drive? and boot from a flash drive?

  14. how i do that when i haven't a cd "Backtrack" but a virtual machine Backtrack ? please

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