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Windows XP BULLSHIT Exposed It’s Awesome in 2015

Hi all after 3 weeks of hammering Windows XP in 2015 I find it to be fast, stable and virus free in normal daily operation. If you have to use Windows XP in 2015 then you can do so providing all the software you use is available and compatible, no reason to be afraid of BULLSHIT.

6 Comments on Windows XP BULLSHIT Exposed It’s Awesome in 2015

  1. Windows XP is second to windows 7 in my opinion, windows 8 and 10 is just unusable

    Pretty much everything that doesn't need newer commands, direct X 11 or .net framework 4.5 can on windows XP with no problems or even less problems compared to windows 7,8, 10 without any tweaking involved

  2. I bought Windows XP Home Edition in the box and in perfect condition with sp2 and valid key at a good will for 5 bucks (United States where i am) and i love it! it still runs like a dream on my old dell computer with office 2007 for school. Best operating system ever made aside from 7 home premium on my laptop!

  3. Please could you answer a question I left you (around 5 days ago) in your video entitled "Securing Your Windows XP Box Part 1" – many thanks – it's to do with user-autologin and security – many thanks mate – XP videos much appreciated – cheers.

  4. hey good video I liked it a lot. u should try a web browser called ice dragon comodo's version of firefox try it with windows XP take look thanks windowshelpguy.

  5. you are absolutely correct, the scaremongering is bullshit, ive removed windows 10 off all my pc's and using xp and windows 7 because everything just works screw windows 10 its nothing but bloatware

  6. hey what do you think of windows 10 ? Im not sure how i feel about it i like the os but not the privacy issue so if i could find a good fix for that maybe ill use it.Anyway good video as always take care :)

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