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Windows xp doesn’t start up

windows xp doesn’t start up i keep getting (we apologize for the inconvenience ,but windows ..etc!

when i open my toshiba laptop,it dosent start up normal
i get this message

( we apologize for the inconvenience ,but windows did not start successfully. a recent hardware or software change might have caused this.

If your computer stopped responding, restarted unexpectedly, or was automatically shut down to protect your files and folders, choose Last Known Good Configuration to revert to…

45 Comments on Windows xp doesn’t start up

  1. Wow, u rlly helped!

  2. My acer “aspire one” computer loops if I press any item????????‍♀️ I can’t seem to find a solution after hours of research. I’ll just get an IT technician.

  3. what a waste of time video. you could've put the title as "Help, I don't know why….."! This sucks bad.

  4. 1.Charge your laptop
    2. Press"Start windows normally"
    3.When the logo for your laptop comes, press F2
    4.When the blue menu comes up, go to the "Advanced" tab
    5. Select the SATA configuration tab at the bottom,press enter
    6.Press enter again, a pop up will appear. It should be on AHCI right now. Change it to IDE
    7.Press escape, go to the "Save & Exit" tab on the very right
    8. Press enter

    This worked for me, im using an ASUS laptop, running on windows XP. This doesnt require a disc

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  6. Keyboards doesn't work in this condition

  7. Doesn't work plz help…

  8. has anyone actually thought that it might be the blue screen of death that caused this

  9. Keybord and mouse not working in this step plz help

  10. If u post videos post with solution
    Mad WTF

  11. How to solve this problem

  12. After 5 years , no solution!?????

  13. يا اخييلعن دين أمك

  14. My poopoo laptop is fucking with me

  15. this happened to my teacher today

  16. It is only time waste

  17. I have this problem with XP with dual boot with W10. AHCI is disabled, IDE is enabled.

  18. my xp have same problem

  19. Yo bro I have the same problem

  20. sir problem solve to hui hi nahi

  21. Really it's working…
    Thank you soo much..

  22. I found a HDD and Windows XP pro is installed. HDD installed in 2013 pc and i have the same problem. Reboot inf…

  23. Hello bro apna whatsapno.send kro j

  24. What have you done? No use! Nothing happens

  25. Same problem exist mee too

  26. Same, it show the windows message that the system is not fully installed, if i click OK on this Message, it restarts and shows this message once again

  27. Ye hi problem mere PC main bhi hori hai..

  28. Recovery error Kasi thik Karo

  29. Waste video my time was weast

  30. Reinstall it or use recovery console

  31. in a way, maria's vid did help cause it got all the great comments from those who REALLY know how to help, like
    Alexander and The Expert 😛

  32. Sir ji es ka solution to btao….?

  33. anyone please dont watch this video its just time waste

  34. yaar kyun time khraab krte hon apna bhi aur dusron ka bhi

  35. Teri ma ka bhosada

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