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20 Comments on Windows XP Full Tour

  1. No Apps in those days, Arrrrh : sure pure, so good, I was 'Alive' then : xp days. I will never forget my xp days, now 'gone' —— 'forever!'

  2. Unbelievable! 40K views! Thank you everyone!

  3. This video is on a Year that windows xp was support

  4. RIP Windows XP, 2001-2014

  5. :'-( Goodbye my friend ……………..

  6. R.I.P. Windows XP
    October 28, 2001 – April 8, 2014

    I will always keep those 3 computers I have that still have XP.

  7. Can you do me a favor?
    You copyrighted my "Windows XP Tour Sparta NO BGM Remix".
    Could you please retract the claim? I promise I will delete any videos I used this source in. I really want my old account back and if you retracted your claim I could possibly get it back.
    I won't use this video anymore and make sure I have no videos uploaded on that channel where I used this source.
    -John Quacks

  8. i loved this when i was a kid

  9. lol The last part is like a plot twist of a movie. We were's looking at an operating system. It's an Operating System inside an operating system the whole time!

  10. Windows xp tour english dekstop clik dobule  Drives

  11. This used on bat, But, theres a some of dir that openes the tour or the bat file.

  12. I miss Windows XP 

  13. in XP time they called programs PROGRAMS now they call it i apps

  14. can i upload the swf of this, i have backups of the full tour exe and swfs from a old xp pc. I really like this tour

  15. :-,(
    I miss XP!

    Microsoft Windows XP


    We will gonna miss your support.XP!

  16. Windows xp is too new for tours!Look at this on your computer's and devices losers!Oh yeah

  17. oh poop I miss Windows XP, my brother has my old windows XP computer

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