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windows XP hacks

NEW HACKS! NOT JUST THE OLD BORING CMD ONE! THESE ARE AWESOME! (it includes the CMD one, but i added 2 other sweet ones.)

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  1. @DrScienceDogEdition

    except to do any of this you need admin rights, so it isn't hacks and the stuff with the mouse. pfffttt

  2. no, no of my knowledge, but you can blackmail them or bribe them =)

  3. I want to try the hack that lets you changes a password, but I would certainly get caught. Is there any way to see the users current password, so that I can change it, then when I am done change it back to the original?

  4. yes, believe it or not, they are. windows put these (ex. cmd) in for control/administrator use only, yet, there is a way to hack into another's account using the computer's CMD. there are cirtain codes to type in to change another's password without knowing their password, which is not supposed to happen in windows XP

  5. and if someone found you doing this?……..

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