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Windows XP Has a Sparta Pulse GBNXD Remix

Base by: GaboneXD
Source by: Dark Parodies and Microsoft

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14 Comments on Windows XP Has a Sparta Pulse GBNXD Remix

  1. Let's see:
    Chorus: 9.6/10
    Pitch: 9.1/10
    Sounds: 8.9/10
    Total: 9.6/10
    Rating: 9.7/10

    Nice job, but can You add a little bit of oranzigaton to look more better but I love it :)

  2. this happened to my lap top once…. xD

  3. Windows XP lo tenia pero lo autalizaron

  4. Hi remember me from freddy Fazfan

  5. I'm just….yeah I'm freddy Fazfan XD

  6. +toy freddy fazfan
    Are you an alt(ernative) accout?

  7. ding freestyle is off
    xp ding is 2 semitones too high
    otherwise it's good

  8. Microsoft 10 professional?

  9. why not do the epicness right?

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