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Windows XP – How To Speed Up Your Slow PC

Welcome to another GimpWiz Tutorial! This tutorial will be explaining some very basic steps for cleaning and speeding up your Slow Windows XP/PC Computer! If there is any problems or something that you don’t understand, then please message it to me and I may be able to help! Please Subscribe if this tutorial helped you, and thanks for watching! How To Make Your Computer Faster!

Auslogic’s Disk…

20 Comments on Windows XP – How To Speed Up Your Slow PC

  1. i dont think is work for a xp old computer i have being like a1 years finding how to speed up this computer is really slow

  2. very clear and really useful – thanks

  3. waow easy there fella u can download it again

  4. thankyou sooo much, you're a big help, TY

  5. where is that aulogics or something in my pc? need to download?

  6. Hey thanks bro for putting out such a nice and detailed video.

  7. i dought videos work

  8. Thx it don't lag anymore it works efficiently thx so much.

  9. when i on my system it was properly only but when the welcome note comes it takes time to open and desktop comes without icons for somuch time so please give a solution to this problem

  10. Fuck u my games are all delete fuck all files is delete refornat

  11. 0:30 we have the same pc specs, could u tell me what games do u have, cuz i cant play modern games in these specs

  12. Thanks helped alot, btw what is your theme¿

  13. Need programs for recording video like this !! 🙂
    Make some tutorial man!! 🙂

  14. go to my channel for better tutorial

  15. Hi I have intermediate computer knowledge. And before this video I have removed start up program's. cleaned the reg, cleaned the normal files, u installed program's, wiped free space, visual tweaks, indexing tweaks, However the computer is terribly slow. And clean install is not an option, I also believe there is no viruses either??

  16. i want your computer theme


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