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Windows XP in Vista Transformation Pack

This transformation pack is by Windows X and only works for Windows XP.
Themes for Windows XP coming soon:
Mac OS X Skin Pack
Windows 7 Transfor

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2 Comments on Windows XP in Vista Transformation Pack

  1. Ugh.  Does anyone else think that CCleaner is a blocky mess?  I don't know how it looks under Windows 8, but under anything else it's terrible.  I still use it because it works well, but it looks pretty ugly now.

  2. I honestly prefer the Longhorn pack (can't find link at the moment).  It's the perfect split between XP and Vista IMO.  It looks beautiful and runs well aside from a small set of glitches.  I've also found an actual Longhorn ISO to mess with.
    Nice pack though!

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