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Windows XP Just Wont Die …..Lolz

With over 250,000,000 users worldwide Windows XP is going strong well into 2020, here are some users still paying for support from Microsoft it really is shocking and demonstrates just how poor I.T. is in these sectors. Meanwhile XP gives 2 fingers to all the critics and doubters and just keeps on going.

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19 Comments on Windows XP Just Wont Die …..Lolz

  1. Great vid really enjoyed that 🙂

    Love the Amiga at the end lol lol lol

  2. My XP on my ancient secondhand Ebay laptop is 10x better than the Vista on my now old laptop and my Windows 8 desktop – both spend hours updating for no apparent advantage. The lack of updates make XP a dream to use. I'm yet to be convinced Window 10 will not turn out to be another pants Windows OS. Long live XP.

  3. Well made and hilarious video! I couldn't help laughing at some of the things you said. Especially the NHS bit, lol.  Many thanks for that, and many thanks for uploading. 🙂

    Windows XP was the last version of Windows I ever used. I switched to Debian in 2006, and that's what I've been using ever since. Good old XP! I remember it well! :)

  4. There are still ways to harden and lock down Windows XP.  The reason there are still millions of users of XP is because it looks and feels like a real operating system should. None of that 'minimalistic' Fisher-Price baby toy garbage found with 8 and 10. I'd give it another year or two of use then upgrade to Windows 7.  Windows 7 WILL become the next XP.  It's been hammered on and tested for over 5 years now.  I'd say 7 is worthy of claiming XP's mantel of Long Term OS, Granted all of this is said in the context of Windows as an OS. Many would argue that Linux is the 'real' operating system. Perhaps.

  5. What you have highlighted in this video is how many CIO should be fired. Windows XP should gone for one reason if nothing else – support. What IT support professional wealth anything it going to keep supporting it. Good video!

  6. I dont know what point you're trying to make with this video. Google are stopping XP support for Chrome soon, and Mozilla won't be far behind. What are people on XP going to do then, use Internet Explorer? Good luck with that, you might as well post your bank details on a bulletin board down your local pub. When browser support in XP ends, thats when the crap will really hit the fan.

    XP needs to die. Its time to move on.

  7. Actually the ATM thing is done to death (even in my small country done several times).
    So that's old news and no gray nor blackhat will see anything atractive in it, it's so low level and stuff for noobs.

    U wanna hear a funny hting ? 😉 One of my hdds is from 1998 (the 120gb) still no bad sectors and running 23,5/7 every day for years. Same with the 250gb(samsung) i have had from 2003. Some new i have bought barely manage survive 2 months, but the old last for decades. As i do not need much i have one new fast as the main and 2 of 1terabite drives.

    If anyone want some advice on hdd's (for example in windows, in linux it's actually similar just less messing with the system core):
    Reccomend to get the cheapest(fast) aboat 40 to 64 gb ssd (for winxp or 7,ps never use win8 and win10 needs a bit more space), then make one(the ssd) win and programfiles drive the other (normal drive 250 to 500 is usually more than enought) settings and user documents drive. If wach videos get a seperate low powered high capassity (4 to 8tb, low speed so less ware) hdd, if you game then usually HP black or other mid to high sized hdd(probably 1 to 4 tb, of aboat 200mb/s).

  8. I watched an episode of Mr. Robot saying that XP was running in a hospital in America, didnt believe it lol

  9. Those are only used because they paid millions for extended support.

  10. if firefox were to run on windows 2000 i wouldn't mind using it.

  11. Microsoft just better make a flat UI version of Windows XP, if not, just keep supporting the original version because people love XP and 7 a lot

  12. Hi all so sick and tired of all the Windows XP  bashers I have made a brad new channel dedicated to it, come see it used on a daily basis and I guarantee you all the bashers will be made to eat their words.

  13. Great video my friend. Most restaurants here use XP still and so does other gov't places. Seems weird but those are the facts. The question that goes through my mind is, if WindowsXP is such a security risk then why are all of these places still using it?

  14. That is really cause for concern. US army and Navy? NHS? Dear God.

  15. I'd still be using it but my new hardware refuses to.

  16. The only Windows i was satisfied with, moved to 7 from XP, had to buy SSD in order to be usable, and, at the end, moved to Linux since I was simply not satisfied. Now using 7 for games only that do not work under Linux/wine well, once in a week or so.

  17. The custom software for these institutions is written for XP. If they are to change the OS, they will need new software written.

  18. XP is the only Windows in this house.  I don't use it but others do.  It is crap.  But it is like an old clunky car that just plods on and you learn to love its problems as endearing character traits.

    The thing I dislike most about XP, because it is thing I use the most often on an XP,  is Explorer. Unless I am missing something how can you have a file manager with only window?  Or am I missing something?

    The US Army uses XP for administration.  The stupid thing is the US government has one of the best Linux resources on the planet in the NSA……….

  19. I'd still be using Xp as my main OS if it weren't for lack of driver support. I'm on Win 7 now, but I virtualize XP for some legacy programs I like to use for programming. I loved XP!

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