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Windows XP local privilege escalation

This tutorial will show you how to gain system privileges from a local privilege escalation security flaw from within Windows XP. From your regular account to system privileges in a couple minutes.

SYSTEM is much stronger than admin, it’s the strongest user in the operating system. From here you can do anything you want with the computer from deleting admin accounts resetting there password and more.

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5 Comments on Windows XP local privilege escalation

  1. This is not a "privilege escalation" or a "security flaw". When you're already an admin, you pretty much have full control over the system. And being able to "run as System" is a known feature (for admins). You can also do it with a well known psexec administrative tool, instead of "at": psexec -s -i cmd.exe. And there are more ways to start system-level shell.

  2. When you try this without administrator rights you get an error: Access is denied.

  3. Does this only work for windows xp?

  4. dont get me wrong but in 0:18 u opened cmd with SYSTEM-priv….
    theres rly nothing 2 escaled because u already got the highest priv

  5. Yo need an introduction an a sign off man makes it feel more like a movie not a computer android talking jeeez no wonder u have no views lol

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