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[Windows XP Mod] – Black Elegant Edition 2017

0:13 – Setup
2:23 – The Mod

Video :
Plotagon – Zander Peace :

All You Need Is Love – Sungha Jung
The Boxes – Sungha Jung
Kalimba – Mr.Scruff


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5 Comments on [Windows XP Mod] – Black Elegant Edition 2017

  1. Please make Windows XP – 64 bit

  2. Can you Please??. Let me know Please when window xp dark edition sp3 come's out please KruplexCube??. Thank's you so much for the extreme youtube video 😉 .

  3. i really like windows xp 100% & still use it. It's number 1 in my eye's. & it's bios is hell fast.

  4. I'm not worried about your English mine isn't any better then your's so don't worry about Thank's for showing me this video. I was thinking of getting this, but i think i might stick with black edition 2014, this version remind's to much of windows xp sp3 edition trying to be windows xp sp3 special Silver Edition 7. But i'm very Respectful for your hard work KruplexCube also know as D.R. Thank's You 😉 .

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