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Windows XP mode on windows 7 Tutorial

There was some render problem so in between and it had gone x9 faster

After extracting the contents of Windows XP Mode , open the path and go to “/sources” folder and extract “xpm” using 7-zip



Windows XP Mode

Make sure your windows 7 is activated / genuine otherwise it won’t work

Credits to some youtubers

Windows XP…

31 Comments on Windows XP mode on windows 7 Tutorial

  1. windows 9500 mode VS windows xp mode VS windows 10 mode

  2. Windows 10 mode would be cool


  4. lol 3.4 rarting sys

  5. hi i get this message when i try and download Virtual PC for XP -We are sorry, the page you requested cannot be found

  6. Nice Release tutorial

  7. you can use windowxpVHD as readyboost to speed up your pc.

  8. can i install it on vmware player beacause when i open virtualbox it going to black screen 

  9. why stop on 19% ? 🙁

  10. can i use winrar

  11. my mouse didn't work when i started running windows xp, plz help!

  12. When i'm complete, can i delete 7-zip and windows xp mode?

  13. Heard Nothing but Music here! No one narrated this video, and I've already viewed several on ….not helpful!!!

  14. It worked! Thanks, madman!

  15. ok . your welcome o.O

  16. jajaja xD Audio – Windows XP Title thanks

  17. Windows XP – title

  18. song name ??? good video

  19. hihi, no problem. why the o.o rofl? you helped me alot. with this video 🙂

  20. o.O ok ,your welcome

  21. Aw it's okay, thanks lots for everything.

  22. Ah, well okay. Thanks for your time.

  23. I don't know because currently i'm not using that V-Box :/ better google for help

  24. Yea but i dont know it properly better google it 🙁

  25. I mean it doesn't work if you press R-Ctrl. It shows that it's toggled by the green arrow but it doesn't work. But I can always re-install..

  26. hmn .. press "R-Ctrl" on keyoard

  27. Uhm, sorry but I have the same problem and it doesn't by using the Right Ctrl. It shows when it's toggled or not but, every time I have the window open it captures the keyboard. The mouse just stays on the up left corner. It seems to capture it, because every time I try to move it, it disappears, and if I stop it's there again. But it can be brought out of the window and then it's the W7 mouse. Any ideas?

  28. Aw thanks alot, do you maybe know how l can play a game on windows XP mode? l don't know how to do it. Thanks alot for the video!

  29. 08:53 my mouse goes to the left side of the screen and doesn't move anymore…. how can l fix that?
    please help me 🙁

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