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20 Comments on Windows XP on PS3

  1. its japanese,  must be real

  2. It is Windows XP though simulated on Linux. But still its nice considering you can use windows xp on your ps3.

  3. This is fedora linux

  4. LOL what a hilarious insult!!!!!!!!

  5. u can achieve the same with an shader exploit in a patched king kong game xD

  6. Will I be able to hook my phone up to my ps3 and do things like root it if so will I go by linux or windows method?

  7. Haha this is done on a samsung mobile you ass slapper

  8. Its an OS, not a computer.

  9. yeah i've realized that long time ago , thanks for reminding me to remove that comment.

  10. the ps3s CPU is not even close to modern PC cpus you fucking idiot.

  11. The way PS3 can handle this is with no anti aliasing, 30 FPS locked, and low draw distance

  12. pc ports to ps3 are dumbed down cause the console has only a good processor and nothing else

  13. if anybody that watches this video has any bit of common sense, that's Fedora in Japanese… And half you guy probably believed "OH MY GAWD, THIS GUY HAS WINDOWS XP ON HIS PS3!!! :O" NO! you CAN'T run a ANY version of Windows on a Linux kernel, i dont care who you are, its not going to happen. Trust me, ive been developing my own Linux disrto. secondly, you can see the big white "f" with the blue circle… thats the Fedora Logo

  14. So you can run Japanese Windows Xp on your ps3? That's nothing… I can run Portuguese Mac OS X on my Xbox 360

  15. so when 4k comes out….. 😉

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