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Windows XP on the Nintendo Wii!

running on QEMU, which is running on Debian for Wii

The original video was over an hour long, so I decided to spare you the pain and fast forward most of the video. Most of it is just waiting on the system to do commands anyway.

20 Comments on Windows XP on the Nintendo Wii!

  1. that's debian Linux.

  2. Download link or tut please…?

  3. soooooo long to boot xp

  4. Where can I get the .img file for this?

  5. That's not windows xp that's Debian 

  6. Okay, why is running under emulation not considered to count?  What matters is that the calculations were done on the wii.

  7. fake. its all emulation. wii cannot run windows.

  8. The two biggest problems why you cannot run windows on a wii:
    windows is an x86 compatible(only) OS and the wii is a powerpc based machine running a powerpc based OS (two different CPU architectures)
    You cannot port windows  as it is not open source or free, and doing so anyways (I wish you the best trying to obtain windows xp source code, and Microsoft NT kernel source code) will get Microsoft to sue you for everything you own.



  9. Someone should play roblox on the Wii. Then again roblox can hardly run on actual windows xp.

  10. Someone should get Steam and then buy Sonic Generations on it, so then they would be playing Sonic Generations on the Wii. (at 1 frame per hour, but still)

  11. Now run steam on xp and play tf2 or something…. at 2 frames… the hour maybe…

  12. Completely incorrect and not even close to being right.
    The Wii has 512MB of internal storage. Not RAM.
    The Wii has 88MB of RAM.
    You technically COULD run Windows XP on 64MB. But you should have at least 128MB.
    "If you are running Windows XP, Microsoft recommends 128MB as the minimum RAM requirement. At 64MB, you may experience frequent application problems" (HowStuffWorks).

  13. the wii has 512 MB RAM! Windows XP requires 64 MB RAM!

  14. wiimote doenst work on bootmii, u have to use the buttons on the front of the wii.

  15. Wii memory:88MB
    XP minimum RAM needed:64MB

  16. Use wii buttons or gamecube controller

  17. I can't access bootmii cause my wiimote turns off and wont turn on, plz help!

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