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Windows XP PC Boot problems can’t get to startup screen

Another PC issue. This one is the worst so far.

I can’t get to the start up screen. This video is shot from the moment I hit the power button. The computer will go through the motions and then right before it gets to the start up screen it starts over with the blue screen shot shown. This process repeats itself and will never result in a start up screen.

I tried going to the Safe Mode screen so I could run a program to weed out any viruses, but after selecting safe mode it recycles…

24 Comments on Windows XP PC Boot problems can’t get to startup screen

  1. I have had this problem with 2 vista pc. The problem is the motherboard isn't compatible

  2. are you just showing your os

  3. error by bios… I solved it!

  4. i have same problem

  5. Same thing Is happening to me

  6. thats the motherboard problem .

  7. this happened to me before, it is some driver error by putting a hard drive with windows xp into another computer, but putting windows 8.1 on it will fix it (windows 8.1 does NOT have that problem)

  8. If Blue Screen of Death occurs before desktop, check memory by using Memtest86+? If memory sticks didn't fail the test, replace or format hard drive / SSD or replace graphics card?

  9. Buy a new one… Is the best solution =) peace..

  10. The auto restart on the BSoD was so fast I couldn't even see the STOP error!

  11. When I start my windows xp computer than one dialogue box open with menu " log on to Windows ". After than I fillup user name & password or click OK than massage show that " your account has been disabled. Please see your system administrator. "
    So plg help me soon……..

  12. Select Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition

  13. Try running the other one

  14. salve para ti meu grand eparceiro voce me salvou uma formatação pronta com esse mecanismo parabens e muito agradecido tinh a acabado de formatar a maquina ja ia entregar para cliente quando deu esse erro muito agradecido


  16. yep, same issue mine have. however me 2 hard disc there are, single running, another opening doesn't

  17. what a waist of time

  18. Windows 5 PC2

  19. Did you pick this up in the bin?

  20. mine wont even give me a screen what can i do¨?

  21. after you fix make an iso of your windows so next time all you have to do is recopy ur system files faster

  22. reinstall windows in same folder do not reformat or rename windows folder what it will do is recopy your system files you wont loose anything

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