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Windows XP Royale Noir Theme

Download this cool Royale theme and set it up in seconds, you don’t need to patch your system with UXtheme patch, just follow the steps in the video.

13 Comments on Windows XP Royale Noir Theme

  1. I loved this theme i used to have it on my winxp machine back in the day and i had the coolest looking desktop compared to all my friends

  2. I love that theme, this video remines me when i have XP and Camstudio 🙂

  3. theres one for windows 7 🙂

  4. Thanks man you're the first to show me where to find themes so you're first to get my subscription.

  5. I got alienware xenomorph its superb

  6. thanks dude your awesome 5 stars

  7. I love this theme but i have Windows 7 now so i cant install it :[

  8. thanks men mmm i'm a mexican boy and i understood you excuse me if i don't wrote the words well thanks 5 stars

  9. fuckn nice vid man, very legit thanks soo much.

  10. Nice video dude!.. anyways what is your e-mail address in msn?? 😉

  11. its acctully said like (noware) and its french for black btw just thought you would like to know

  12. u should post a direct URL to the download site in the description or something…

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